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High Temperature RFID Tags



When using RFID tags, there is a situation that request the tags can withstand higher temperature, some more than 100°C even higher, so that it could be inserted into/mold into the something like a toys, or silicone bands or plastic items, or need to track assets or machines exposed to extreme heat, high pressure or corrosive chemicals, then you can look at this tags

Getsmart provides a selection of RFID tags designed to reliably perform in high temperature conditions. These high temperature RFID tags are perfect for applications such as air cargo tracking, weapon tracking, toxic waste dump tracking, and industrial laundry.

high-temperature RFID tags with different protocols design to provide asset tracking even in the harshest environments. We provide a selection of from Low frequency 125k, to High frequency 13.56mhz to Ultra-High frequency tags UHF 860mhz to 960mhz, with key features such as high heat resistance and compact form factors, which are durable and have rugged housing. Additionally, most of the high-temperature RFID tags are compliant with the RoHS CE , FCC. The high-temperature RFID tags also provide various options for memory capacity that includes 512bits, 144bytes, 888bytes, 1024bytes, 240 bits, 96 bits EPC, 512 bits R/W, TID 32 bit, and TID 64 bits. Tags of this kind have IP65, IP67 and IP68 protection standards by which they are protected from total dust ingress and can withstand immersion in water up to a specified pressure. High-temperature RFID tags have an operating temperature that ranges from 13°F to 248°F (-25℃~120℃). some of the tags have robust, balanced performance on, off, or near metals and liquids.

The high-temperature RFID tags are perfect for applications such as air cargo tracking, weapon tracking, toxic waste dump tracking, and industrial laundry. These tags can be used to measure temperature in an indoor or outdoor environment. Other applications for this kind of product include identification, cold chain, localization of high-value assets, temperature monitoring, vehicle industry, shelf-edge retail and warehouse location, within others

Some extreme RFID solution the tags are suitable:

Machine tooling – Tags are set into recesses in manufacturing tools in order to measure and track maintenance schedules ensuring production quality and line up time.

Medical implants and tools – Sterilization is a critical process with elevated temperatures of short duration and a critical need to track containers and assets. Sterilization trays often require 150-170 degrees, but when quicker sterilization processes are required a much high temperature can move the process through in a matter of minutes.

Food industry – Sterilization of reusable containers where temperatures and exposure periods reach 160°C for upwards of 30 minutes.

Automotive paint booths – Parts carriers are being cycled multiple times each day at typical temperatures of 210°C and exposure times of 20 minutes. Many bumpers and automotive parts are now built by hydroforming processes requiring very high temperatures for these molding applications that exceed 180°C.

Energy sector – There are many application cases where assets and carriers are exposed to high temperatures with exploration drilling frequently experiencing excursions up to 215°C.



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