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RFID Token Disc Tags

RFID Token Disc Tags are one of the best Industry RFID tags. It  is good for asset tracking,  inventory tracking system, identification and automatic production systems. We have different models for different choice, from none metal surface to metal surface or liquid surface.

Can choose thinner type, thicker type, with adhesive or without, also, with higher temperature or normal outdoors use. Colors and sizes can be customized. The existing size are from 12mm to 52mm. Getsmart Could provide professional advice as per different RFID applications, including different materials, sizes, thickness, waterproof, higher temperature, with holes or not, on metal suface or not...

Here is the short list for your check:

- PVC Disc Tag, PVC Laminated, thickness of 1.0-1.2mm, can print full color logo and text, 100% waterproof

- Clear PVC Disc Tag, clear PVC Laminated, thickness of 1.0-1.2mm, Not quite suitable for print, 100% waterproof

- Foil Tag, Clear PVC Sealed, Thickness of 0.45-0.7mm. Not quite suitable for print, but a few numbers

- Epoxy PVC Sticker, the surface covered by epoxy, thickness 2.0mm,can print full color logo and text, 100% waterproof

- ABS Token, ultrasonic welding ABS type, various size options. thickness 1.5~3.0mm, laser print logo, not suitable for full color logo

can withstand bad weather, sun, rain, uv, suitable for outdoor use, but not withstand very higher temperature

- PPS Token, ultrasonic welding, mini size 12mm. laser print logo, not suitable for full color logo; Can resistant heat, chemical, high temperature, pressure, 
Acid and alkali corrosion, 100% waterproof,  the best solution for very harsh industry use

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