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NXP UCODE DNA tag IC chip 14X70mm for authentication

NXP UCODE DNA tag IC A breakthrough in UHF security

Product description

Bringing security to passive UHF, the UCODE DNA tag IC combines exceptional long-range  contactless performance with a cutting-edge cryptographic security implementation for tag  authentication.


` Designed in accordance with GS1™ UHF RFID Gen2 v2.0

[Annex N, Tag Alteration (Authenticate)]

` AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) cryptographic

authentication according to ISO/IEC 29167-10

` Up to 3 kb of user memory with BlockPermalock

` 96-bit unique tag identifier (TID), factory-locked with 48-bit

unique serial number

` Up to 448-bit EPC

` 32-bit kill password and 32-bit access password

` Innovative functionality

- Tag authentication via 128-bit AES unique crypto key

- Privacy protection via Untraceable command and 128-bit

AES group crypto key

- Trust Provisioning for Secure Secrets

` Compatible with 4-pads assembly

` READ sensitivity: -19 dBm

` AES authentication sensitivity: -18 dBm

` WRITE sensitivity: -11 dBm

` WRITE speed: 32 bits per 1.5 milliseconds 


` Tag authentication and privacy protection based on

cryptographic security

` Long read/write ranges due to excellent chip sensitivity

` Hassle-free deployment even without significant security

know-how or secure backend infrastructure, due to NXP’s

Trust Provisioning service

` High sensitivity enables smaller and cost-efficient antenna designs

` Large RF pad-to-pad distance to ease antenna design

` Single slit antenna for a more mechanically stable antenna


` Automatic self-pre-serialization of the 96-bit EPC


` Automatic vehicle identification (e.g. electronic toll

collection, electronic vehicle registration)

` Visitor/staff access control and location service (e.g. theme

parks, large events)

` Visitor classification and pre-processing (e.g. border

crossings, stadium entry points)

` Retail supply-chain management/brand protection

(e.g. luxury goods, fashion)

` Asset tracking (e.g. high-value assets)




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