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NFC Antenna Patch Helps your NFC smart phones reach longer reading distance

The NFC Antenna Patch is a passive device that allows you to extend the reach of your NFC reader and NFC smart phones.

Product description

The NFC Antenna Patch is a passive device that allows you to extend the reach of your NFC reader and NFC smart phones.

 The NFC Antenna Patch kit consists of  two patches (touch point), and circuit board, and extension antenna that once affixed to your reader’s scan surface or the smart phones, provides a stethoscope-like extension where tags can be read (or written). Due to it’s modular design, you can mix and match patches and antennas to get best read (or write) results. The NFC antenna Patch Kit is effective in solving the backside-scan limitation of consumer devices with NFC, allowing devices to be used as self-service kiosks and other digital signage solutions.

The NFC Antenna Patch Kit comes with one NFC Antenna and can extend your NFC reach by as much as 10meters. Our current standard reach is 400mm(15″). When stuck to the rear of these devices, the NFC Patch and Antenna extends the read (or write) range of your device without compromising functionality.  The antenna extender is designed to match the NFC modules included in the Google Nexus line of products.  These include, but not limited to: Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, Nexus 7, and Nexus 10.  These devices have the scan surfaces on the backside making it inconvenient in some applications

What’s more, it has been approved that this NFC Antenna Patch kit can work with all NFC items and contactless payment cards(debit cards, credit cards)

Installing the NFC Patch on your device is straight forward. Just use the double sided adhesive to stick the NFC Patch so that it aligns with and sits over the surface where you normally scan NFC tags on your device. That’s it!  Now connect the NFC Antenna using the included connector cable to instantly read (or write) tags anywhere the NFC Antenna can reach. Take a look at the NFC Patch Kit in action!




Whether is be for loyalty campaigns, interactive advertising, payments, or access control, NFC Antennas are perfect for adding more scan points to your device.  They can be bundled up 3 at a time to triple your scan surface.  Put them all together or in different spots around your device. This is still under development. You can contact us for more details


Product NameNFC Antenna Extender Patch
NFC Antenna Extender Patch

two patches (touch point), circuit board inside, and extension


Dimension85x54 mm or customized
Reach distancestandard 400mm; can be customizied to 10 meters
PrintingFull color printing, or plain white
Working with

NFC enabled facilities, such as NFC enabled smart phone

 Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, Nexus 7, and Nexus 10;all NFC items and contactless payment cards(debit cards, credit cards)

Artworkadd adhesive background etc, custom logo;
FunctionExtend nfc reader reading and writing range 
Enlarge nfc scan area
Enhance the usability of NFC facilities
Making NFC application more conveniently etc


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