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NFC Antenna Extender for making NFC application more convenient

NFC Antenna Extenders enables NFC application more conveniently !

Product description

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In many applications that use NFC it is not always convenient to tap against a built-in NFC antenna, especially where the antenna is on the back of a tablet or smartphone. GETSMART NFC Antenna Extenders provide solutions that enhance the usability of NFC in a number of different application areas.

For example, some clients have wanted to expand the active area of a commercial USB NFC unit, whilst others want to make the "tap" point more accessible. There are many different ways that NFC extenders are used to meet specific practical needs. One common need is to mount an NFC device in a secure stand or casing but allow users to tap remotely.

In an industrial application, the client needed to be able to scan a tag over a much larger area than usual NFC reader such as ACR122U. The tag can scan area can be expanded with no loss of performance.


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Product NameCustom NFC Tag
MaterialFPC +Cable+FPC
Dimension85x54 mm or customized
Cable length19.5cm or customized
PrintingCMYK full color printing as per design
Working facility NFC enabled facilities, such as NFC enabled smart phone
Artworkadd adhesive background etc
Functionextend nfc reader range, 
enlarge nfc read area, 
enhance the usability of NFC facilities,
Making NFC application more conveniently etc


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