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Product description

NFC Card IC with NTAG203 Technology is a contactless NFC card  based on NXP's NTAG203 technology

It can be Plain white or Custom Printed 144 byte contactless NFC card, 86 x 54mm ID size, Compatible with all NFC devices Android.


This card contains 144 bytes of user data which can be configured read/write or read only, using its permanent lock feature. This NFC card offers advanced security and anti-cloning features.

The NTAG203 NFC chip is compatible with MIFARE Ultralight C with improved performance.

Supplied plain white, it is highly customisable and is ideal for:


1)rewards and loyalty systems, frequent buyer programs

2)contactless ID applications

3)public transportation

4)eBusiness cards

5)Subject to the usable memory size, the NFC card is ideal for storing URLs, telephone numbers, SMS, e-mail and geo-locations, text as well as vCards and signatures.

Depending on the tag contents and the application used, NFC enabled phones can react to a card by:


6)calling a phone number and sending an sms text message or an email

7)opening a URL

8)showing pictures and playing videos, songs or tunes

liking something on Facebook or retweeting something on Twitter

adding a contact

Please note - NFC cards and stickers will generally not work if attached or very near to a metal surface, unless you use an all surface product.We offer various NFC encoding, printing & customising services - please contact us for details!



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