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MIFARE Classic 1K Sticker (4-byte UID) - Circle (25mm diameter)


Product description

The MIFARE Classic 1K chip is NOT an NFC-compliant chip.  Many NFC phones will NOT read this chip.  Before purchasing any product with this chip, make sure you know that it will work with your application.

This quarter-dollar sized white MIFARE Classic 1K Sticker is backed by a MIFARE Classic 1K chip.  The MIFARE Classic 1K chip features 752 bytes of usable space and supports standard NFC response times (0.1 second recognition and 100-424 Kb/s).  Additionally, because it's white, not only is the payload customizable, the sticker's front is as well.  This version is the 4 byte NUID.

Caution: It's important to note that, like all MIFARE Classic 1K, this sticker cannot be made read-only.  Additionally, because this sticker contains no protective shielding, it works best in conditions where it is not placed directly on metal.  It works with the Nexus S, but may not work for all future NFC mobile phones.  On the other hand, its data capacity is very large -- great for holding things like vCards


MIFARE and MIFARE Classic (or MIFARE Plus, MIFARE DESFire, MIFARE Ultralight) are trademarks of NXP B.V


Product NameMIFARE Stickers with Serial number printed on
Label/chip TypeMIFARE® Classic 1K
Operating Frequency13.56 MHz
Capacity1024 byte EEPROM (768 free bytes availability)
Tested Read Range0 - 100 mm depending on the power provided by the reader
MaterialPaper/adhesive sticker
Protocol: ISO14443A
Environmental Specification Shelf Life 5 Years 

Recommended: -25C to +50C

Storage Condition: 20% to 90%RH

Operating Temp: -40C to +65C
Read/write Times: 100000 times

Public Transportation, Access management, E-tickets, Logistic and supply management, Production manufacturing and assembly,

 Windshield label, Document tracking, Laundry management, Library management, Animal identity and so on

thickness with adhesive0.25mm
Other related keywordsMIFARE Classic 1k tag
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